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Project Overview

Various efforts over the years to fit the Tillsonburg brand to multiple uses with no consistent format or use guidelines resulted in a fragmented and inconsistent image with the Town’s main user groups and stakeholders. Additional to this problem, the former branding did not articulate any one message to any audience. It was felt that an improved brand, one that truly exemplifies and portrays Tillsonburg's most important themes and attributes would help set them on the path to better compete for Talent, Trade and Tourism.

Our Role

As the hired consultant for this project, our role was to develop a project methodology, coordinate and direct a project Taskforce, conduct internal and external brand audits, lead public focus groups and ultimately develop a Brand Platform and create a new brand and identity.

After several rounds of concept creation and analysis, the Taskforce agreed on one brand concept to finalize and seek approval from Council.

The new identity and brand platform was approved by Council in February and an implementation plan was approved at their March 29, 2016 meeting.

View the entire Brand Document here.

Identity Rationale

The custom typeface is reflective of Tillsonburg’s personality: it is personable, welcoming, exciting and fun—while still being professional and experienced. The curvature of the characters, and the slight forward tilt represent Tillsonburg’s forward thinking and look to the future, while the cursive nature represents our connection to each other, and our strong sense of community.

The Liriodendron, or Tulip Tree leaf represents our relationship to the land, green spaces and walking trails. Tillsonburg has made a considerable effort in preserving our Carolinian forest areas.

The colour palette was chosen to reflect Tillsonburg’s community values. Blue is the colour of trust and responsibility, it seeks peace and tranquility and promotes communication. Green is the colour of balance, harmony and growth. It promotes a love of nature, and a love of family and friends.

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